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Bernard’s World… Zombie Apocalyptic UK 2016

Here is a glossary of the terms used in Bernard’s world and a back ground to the zombie apocalyptic UK which Bernard lives in.

Bernard Cooper – 38 year old widowed (believed) postman who lives at Florence Rd, East Southampton. He has two sons and at nights and weekends when not delivering mail he goes out into the bad lands looking for a slaying zombies.

Debs (Debbie Deborah) – Bernard’s sister in law, sister to Bernard’s missing presumed dead wife julie. She is single, her fiancée was lost presumed dead believed to have been killed trying to get home when the infected hoard attacked Swaything train station and populated trains. She lives alone just up the road

Jamie & Brad (Bradley) – Bernard’s two young boys. Brad is 7 years old and Jamie is 11 years old.

Julie Cooper – Bernard’s wife presumed dead.

The virus –  An alien virus came to earth on a comet, it infects the host and like a parasite it takes over the running of its host driving it to find fresh warm blood for one reason only and that is to spread the virus to prevent its extinction.

Bite-ies & Biters – infected people commonly known as zombies

Nonifs – non infected people who live outside of the safe zones in the bad lands.

Turning – The period between first being infected and becoming a zombie. Infection is passed through body fluids, mostly saliva and blood.

Bad Lands – the infected areas outside the safe zones.

Safe Zones – Military protected areas where civilians live in walled and fenced off cities, towns and farms. Safe zones include Southampton, Sheffield, Parts of London. Edinburgh, Cardiff, Conway, Lincoln, and a few others.

Farm Lands – Parts of Lincolshire, Norfolk, Kent and other flat areas grow foods under strict military protection.

Food – Food is mainly natural now, what is grown on the farm lands or at homes. Bakers still make bread in the safe zones but food is not processed or manufactured like it once was before the Zombie Apocalypse.

Meat is very scarce, mainly given to the soldiers with much of the meat flown in from the yet unaffected New Zealand and Australia.

Meat is farmed but only by a few very small farms in the UK protected by the military and all cows are blood tested before being slaughtered. Any cow that looks like it is turning is taken away, tested and terminated if found to be infected.

Communication – Postal mail only for the remaining public populous. There are ‘public phones’ available in the safe zone housed in the military controlled town and city halls. Once a year people can call friends or family in other safe zones but the calls have to be booked and agreed by both parties and locations.

Only the military have access to telephones, basic internet and mobile communication networks.

Power – Due to the collapse of society there is little workforce and infrastructure so the electrical power is minimal and only on between set hours in residential areas of the safe zones with the military having constant power and some buildings like the odd pub and entertainment centre having ‘extended power periods’ where the public can go and meet for some leisure and entertainment.

Southrampton – The nickname for the safe zone Southampton (Bernard’s home) based on Rampton Hospital which is a mental prison/hospital in Nottinghamshire. Rampton has high metal fences and brick walls to keep the ‘crazies’ in whereas Southrampton has high metal fences and walls to keep the ‘crazies (bite-ies)’ out.

Land Rover 2012 Discovery 4 – Bernard’s main vehicle for entering the bad lands on zombie slaying missions. It was found abandoned and is modified with spotlights, grills, bull bars, and has darkened windows

SA80 A2 – Light Support Weapon (LSW). Bernard’s main weapon, These are the British Army’s standard combat weapons. Made by Heckler and Koch, they fire NATO standard 5.56 x 45mm ammunition. Bernard has a garage full of these rifles and ammunition after driving a truck full of them home from the army base he escaped from when the hoard struck.

Glock 17 Gen4 -. Bernard’s chosen sidearm which holds 17 rounds. Just like the SA80 Bernard has many of these in his garage along with plenty of ammo.

Bedford Tm 4×4 – This is the army vehicle Bernard drove home in crammed full of guns, ammo and grenades. It is a 9 ton drop side cargo lorry.

Japanese Katana Samurai Word – An original Japanese Katana Samurai sword made and signed by Suishinshi Masahide made between the 1700’s and the early 1800’s. Bernard used it against its owner Mick the landlord of the Bedes Lea on Rownhams Lane North Baddesley and has kept it since…. you can read that story here. February 14th 2016 Valentine’s Slaying

Slish Slash Slosh – Bernard’s term for the triple killing method he likes to employ when killing ‘bite-ies’ if he has the time. Unless he has taken their heads off from the start or injured them enough that they cannot harm him or give chase Bernard prefers to make sure that each ‘bite-ie’ has been shot three times, shot twice and had their head removed or just cut to bits with the head being removed using the sword. He believes that three major injuries, stab wounds and bullet wounds she render them dead and no longer a threat to anyone.

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