How To Use The Sun To Cook Hot Meals During The Zombie Apocalypse With A Solar Oven

Depending where you are in the world this could be a real lifesaver or at least improve the quality of the food you are forced to eat during a zombie apocalypse.

This is the solar oven, it cooks food using the power of the sun… hence its name… solar oven. I am going to share with you, in my own words, the building and use instructions that was originally shared online by Teyla over at before the zombie apocalypse struck.

solar oven 4

Food is important for survival in a zombie apocalypse and after months or even years without a fully working society without the normal utilities like gas, water and electricity then cooking is going to go back to basics and for many people they might have been surviving by eating raw, cold and uncooked food making a miserable existence even more miserable.

The ability to have a tasty and hot meal can do more than keep us alive, it can bring some much need pleasure and warm the cockles inside.

solar oven 10

When society collapsed there will be plenty of stores, homes and buildings which would have been abandoned so finding the materials to make this solar oven might be pretty easy. If you are currently living in a safe zone or a country/area yet unaffected by the zombie apocalypse then you can buy the parts and materials from all good DIY and hardware stores.

Firstly you will need to build a box with a opening panels. Ply board may do but OSB (Oriented strand board) will do perfectly. If you are able to find or buy a box made from polystyrene (styrofoam) build your box so that it fits snugly into it.

solar oven 3

Bernard’s Survival Tip: Go to a laboratory as they used polystyrene boxes to transport and store dry ice so you should find a good polystyrene insulated box there. Ideally a box that is not too high is best as it takes up more energy to heat up a bigger space and reflecting the sun’s rays into a big box is harder.

solar oven 2

The polystyrene is safe, as long as you do not set fire to it then it can take temperatures up to and maybe over 200C. There should be no issues of any toxic fumes getting into your food harming your family.

But let’s not forget, living a basic life in a collapsed society surrounded by bite-ies who are wanting to eat and kill you or under the threat of nonifs stealing your food or killing you, a few fumes from a solar oven is the least of your worries.

solar oven 6

Hot life saving food is more important and if you have been cooking over an open fire then you have already been breathing in a lot of dangerous smoke and fumes… just saying!

solar oven 1

The sides of the polystyrene and the insides of the three opening panels need to be covered in a reflective material and for this metal cooking foil aka tin foil will do nicely.

Once the silver metal cooking foil has been added to the sides and panels of the solar oven hinges will be required to hold the panels up to catch and reflect the sun down into the oven.

solar oven 5

You can use specialise hinges or just use anything as long as it securely props the panels up at an angle which will reflect the sun into the box.

Glass is then placed onto of the polystyrene to create a greenhouse. The sun’s rays will be at a frequency that will penetrate the glass but the frequency will change as it goes through the glass and will not be able to bounce back out keeping the heat within the box.

solar oven 7

The more sunlight you reflect into the box the hotter the oven will get and if you can find a double glazed window unit to sit on top of the oven the more efficient it will be and the better/quicker it will heat up and cook your food.

solar oven 8

When it comes to cooking it is best if you use pots that are black, maybe made from iron which have a lid. Black absorbs heat whereas white reflects so the shiny sides of the oven reflect the heat into the pots which absorb it and cook the food.

Be warned though, removing the pots after cooking will require some kind of oven glove otherwise you could burn yourself. I know you know that but we do live in a world of stupid people and so I am just saying!

If you are able to find the ingredients then the solar oven can be used to bake cakes and other treats to keep spirits high during the zombie apocalypse.

solar oven 9

There is only one big issue and drawback that I see to the solar oven which cannot be avoided unless you 1) live in a safe zone, 2) have a courtyard within a building that gets a lot of sun and that is that it needs placing outside where there is a lot of sunlight. This means that it is at risk of being found, destroyed or stolen by nonifs and bite-ies.

It also means that when setting up your oven or fetching it you too are also at risk of being exposed to bite-ies and nonifs. It would be a great idea to add a set of handles to each end of the oven as seen on the one in the images so that two of you can run out grab the box and run back to safety quickly with it and all of its contents.

At least you can set it up and sit and watch to see if it draws any passing zombies out into the open and then shoot the bastards. That is what I would do. 🙂

(Teyla & please contact us if you want us to remove this article, we will happily do so as soon as we are instructed. We wanted to share it and link to it as it is really cool)

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