This Incredible Customized Snowcat Is Perfect For The Forth Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Look at this beast! I need one of these especially when winter comes and the snow comes. This is ideal for touring the badlands looking for zombies and bite-ies to slay.

It is a customised Snowcat which is fully armoured so it is even bullet and bomb proof which is great when dealing with those hungry nonifs

It is powered by a V8 engine, has 4 wheel track steering, a manual gearbox and sits two in the 2 seat cabin which comes with a radio and speakers.

Watch the video of the beast in action at the bottom of the post.

customised snow truck 1

customised snow truck 2

Basically this is a tank without a cannon!

customised snow truck 3

customised snow truck 4

There is only one big problem though with this zombie apocalypse proof vehicle… it weighs ten tons and can only do half a mile per gallon of fuel.

Not ideal for popping to the local shop but then again, during the zombie apocalypse a trip to the local shop would need a vehicle like this unless you lived within one of the safe zones!

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