17 Bug Out Vehicles Perfect For When The Zombie Apocalypse Hits

Most people believe its not IF but WHEN the shit will hit the fan and the zombie apocalypse will be upon us.I know it will, as you will know by now I am living it for real in a zombie apocalyptic world here in the UK.

When the zombies come the shit will hit the fan, society will crash and by this I mean the national grid will shut down, food supplies will be scarce, drinking water be in short supply and there will danger on every street with bite-ies constantly trying to get you!

When the shit hits the fan and the bite-ies are running riot killing anyone and everyone you will need one of these amazing zombie proof vehicles for survival!

I have trawled through your web to find 17 of the best looking zombie proof vehicles perfect to handle the forthcoming ZA.

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zombie apocalypse vehicle 15

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This is a basic but classic military truck. Can’t go wrong with this, great for most terrains and has speed and power. However I do have concerns with it not being a hard top, open top means bite-ies can get in and that spells trouble.


zombie apocalypse vehicle 13

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This is the Kombat T98 – shown here drifting through the desert. Built like a tank, has plenty of storage for when you go out foraging for food, water and fuel.This can easily handle any terrain. It also comes with a remote control machine gun mounted on the top which swivels around. This will clear the area of bite-ies in a matter of seconds, shreading and slaying them without any risk of being bitten.


zombie apocalypse vehicle 1

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I love this, this will keep the bastards at bay. Reminds me of the sort of cars they have in the Mad Max films. Totally brutal. Not much would get in the way of this at speed.  Downside, very little storage for carrying much food, water and fuel after a foraging trip.


zombie apocalypse vehicle 11

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This is more like it, this is ideal… this is a modified Chevy 2500HD. This would certainly be up for the task. Also, with that attached to the front any abandoned cars causing road blocks or hordes of bite-ies should not pose any problem… this will clear the road in seconds!


zombie apocalypse vehicle 14

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Now we are talking! This one is a personal favourite of mine. Just look at it! Those wheels will crush hordes of zombies clearing the roads in seconds without any problem. This is high making the bite-ies work really hard to get to you which with those wheels and high powered machine guns they won’t!

Downside to this brilliant zombie proof vehicle is that there is very little storage.


customised snow truck 1

This modified snowcat looks like something from a Jules Verne Victorian steam punk novel. It certainly will keep the bastards at bay and is ideal for all terrains but with it weighing ten ton and doing only half a mile to the gallon of fuel it is something that you wouldn’t be using much!

Watch this beast in action in the video here: This Incredible Customized Snowcat Is Perfect For The Forth Coming Zombie Apocalypse


zombie apocalypse vehicle 8

Image Credit – Gaz Vodnik

This all purpose terrain vehicle looks ideal for the job. Plenty of storage in here, you could live in this like a camper van and travel the bad lands slaying bite-ies each and every day…. Happy Days!

My only concern is that the windows are not protected, I have no idea whether it is toughened glass but I would cover them with some steel meshing just to give it a little more protection from zombies throwing stones and banging on glass with fists.


zombie apocalypse vehicle 9

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This beast looks like it should be trawling around the surface of the moon not our planet. No question though, this awesome set of wheels can handle virtually any terrain. Perfect for slaying missions in the bad lands. Looks like there is some room for food, water and fuel but not a lot. I assume the glass is toughened looking at this ‘moon beast’, if not I would cover it with some steel mesh but I want it!


zombie apocalypse vehicle 10

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Another Mad Max style vehicle, check out that front grill. That would do some damage if it had to. Just to add further to the awesomeness, this car comes with a roof mounted machine gun and couple of rockets for when there are hordes of bite-ies blocking your path. No storage though… but great for a sunday afternoon cruising the bad lands slaying the biting bastards!


zombie apocalypse vehicle 6

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This 1985 Federal Motors MK44 Armoured Personnel Carrier would still be able to handle most situations and is ideal for living in a zombie apocalyptic world. Comes with air conditioning and is also capable of amphibious travel ideal for going through the odd river or two when out in the badlands.

This has storage space ideal for carrying water, food and fuel after forging trips and could even be your home when travelling looking for the safe heaven of a safe zone.


zombie apocalypse vehicle 7

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Another excellent piece of  military kit, this is the combat tactical vehicle used by the U.S army and marines. A true beast on the road, and for anywhere else for that matter! This would do the job nicely, has a separate gun turret housing a beast of a machine gun which will shred hundreds of zombies in seconds.

This could be a home from home with a fair bit of storage space for your stuff. My only real concern is this is really a truck for two people, one to man the gun and one to drive. The gun looks great but I wouldn’t want to be firing it at a shit load of advancing bite-ies without someone driving us out of the area.


zombie apocalypse vehicle 12

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Look at this bad boy! 4 x 3 rotating wheel sets, rockets, guns, this has the lot! Don’t know about you but if my neighbour had one of these when it all kicked off I would be hoping they would forget about the fact that I still have their sander and let me join them!

Plenty of space for storage and ideal for living in when travelling the bad lands between safe zones… this would make a trip out into the bad lands feel like a jolly at the seaside! Very few windows to be smashed, cover them with some wire mesh and this beast is impenetrable!


zombie apocalypse vehicle 16

Image Credit – CgHub

Massive appreciation for this. This is the perfect vehicle for those solo night time slaying missions into the badlands. The desert rat would certainly be capable of high speeds – great for when you gotta get out fast… and just look at those huge side cannons!


zombie apocalypse vehicle 17

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I love this – This has the whole package. (well, maybe not speed). Still you would not get in the way if this was hurtling towards you…. It has storage space for those important supplies in the back but could do to be covered up I think. The doors and windows are impenetrable so this truck is ideal for safe travelling.


zombie apocalypse vehicle 4 zombie apocalypse vehicle 5

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This van equipped with these mother of all tyres should be able to cope with all terrains and weather conditions. It would make a great little home for living in when travelling across the country but the windows need to be toughened and covered. It has no visible weaponry which is a worry.


zombie apocalypse vehicle 3

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We mentioned the Mad Max films earlier. So – how could we not include one of the ultimate classic bug out vehicles from the big screen. This is known as the Ford Road Warrior Interceptor. Plenty of fuel in those tanks… perfect for escaping from hordes of bite-ies and getting to and from places fast. Probably not the best zombie proof and secure vehicle but it had to have a mention.


zombie apocalypse vehicle 2

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Ok and finally something a bit more modern and bit more realistic. This is the B7 Armour OVIK CROSSWAY 6×6 beast!  It is available to buy now but only if you have a spare $300,000…. The cheaper option is to find out where the nearest dealer is situated to where you live, get some ‘tools and weapons’  together and use the Mad Max Ford Road Warrior Interceptor’to fly over to the store when the zombie apocalypse hits and steal one.

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